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bioservices.biomodels.BioModels for the full reference guide.

2.2. Biomodels tutorial

Start a biomodels interface:

>>> from bioservices import BioModels
>>> s = BioModels()

look at the list of model identifiers:

models = s.get_all_models()

If you have a specific model identifier, then it is easy. You can etrieve the model itself:

model bm.get_model("BIOMD0000000100")

and get its name or other types of information:

>>> model['name']

In particular, description, author and files associated with this model. Here, we can see the files and in particular a PNG image called BIOMD0000000100.png. You can get it as follows:

bm.get_model_download("BIOMD0000000100", filename="BIOMD0000000100.png")

or just download the whole bundle:


saved into